Thursday, March 23, 2017

Uh Oh

If I want to do adult Worlds it has to be this year. So........ off I go!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Video Review

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch a high quality video of my match. How I remembered it happening isn't quite how it went down. I got to the back early, but then fought in top half guard for awhile before securing a pass and multiple back-controls at the end of the match. Some things I'd like to improve upon:

  • Be more patient setting up submissions. I could have taken a bit more time to get good grips for the bow and arrow, get my legs in the right position, etc. I rushed it and it cost me a chance to finish.
  • Figure out how in the hell to pull an advantageous guard so I can work open guard instead of having them immediately in top half guard. It worked out ok in this match, but I'd rather play open than half.
  • When standing, don't hunch over so much. Lifting has helped with maintaining a more neutral spine in a variety of positions, but my shoulders were still too far forward of my hips.
  • Stop being a ninny and do absolute. If I go into a tournament planning on doing it regardless, I think that would help.

I was shot from the trip so didn't do class yesterday. Back at it tomorrow, possibly with a double. Back to lifting and conditioning on Thursday. So very happy to be home.

Monday, March 20, 2017


One other competitor in my division. I was determined to walk out to the mat fully warmed up from a vigorous solo exercise in the warm-up room. That didn't happen. I was in the warm-up room, but found that trying to get myself warm in time with when I was likely going to compete was too much for my brain to handle. I did some stretching, shrimping, back rolls and such, but that was it. I was down there plenty early, but just trying to get the timing of it was too much to think about.

I walked out to the bullpen with about 4-5 matches in front of me. Gi check and weight no problem, I think I was at least 4lb under with my shoes on. I'm also pretty sure the scales were light. Walked out to the mat and had the remainder of the current match to jump around a bit and try to get warm. 

Match starts and I try to get a good grip on her hands so that I could do a gi drag takedown. Had a good grip on her collar once, but her countering grips were threatening enough that I didn't attempt the drag. We fussed around for a bit and I decided that instead of a standup grip fight that I had decent enough grips to pull. I ended up in half guard immediately but had the underhook, so I was able to quickly work up to a dog-fight position before things got too bad. Tried and tried to tackle and grapple but she stayed upright. For whatever reason, I decided that it would be a good idea to try to jump to her back. I got one hook in while she was on all fours, but I was higher on her back then I would have liked. She was doing a good job of listening to her coach and started to work my hook out, so I hucked us off to the side onto the mat. Got my second hook in and tried to work the back. Came close on a bow and arrow but did an absolutely awful job of trying to finish it. Got to mount and possibly the back again. She was able to get to half guard, and I think the remainder of the match was me trying to stay on top and work a pass which I don't think I ever completed.

Aside from the botched bow and arrow and not being able to pass her half guard, I'm happy with the match.

Jason did absolutely amazing in his matches, pulling guard and getting a triangle on three guys before seeing the other side of a triangle in the finals. Jamie had a couple of grinding matches and then finished the final with a north/south choke to take the gold. They were going at the same time that I was called for absolute, and I was too spent from the emotions of their matches that I had no desire to do absolute. Truth be told, I had no desire to do absolute anyway. Jason and Jamie got their brown belts on the podium, with James giving Jamie my belt. Seeing those guys compete and get promoted was the absolute highlight of the weekend.