Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pans Prep

I've been fortunate to get some privates with my instructor leading up to Pans. Last week we went over passing, because I'm just having a hell of a time with good DLRs. Of course, it almost always comes back to grip breaks, but he explained two breaks down for me in a way that I didn't get before that has already helped. 

I'm being a dumdum and stepping right into DLR, getting entangled and then struggling. I shouldn't be surprised.

This week we went over leg locks because I'm so wildly deficient in that area. I wasn't sure when I should try to turn my knee away and when I should try to pull my leg out. Turns out that it's pretty simple...if you can't turn your knee, pull your leg out. :p We covered several positions, including 50/50, back step pass and some standing. He had some great tips for avoiding bad spots in the first place.

My hope is that I'll be able to incorporate this stuff into my game for the long haul. I hate when I get a lesson on something, it seems great and then a year and half later I'm all "gee I wish I knew how to do that thing". 

Rolls have been so-so. Some good ones, I'm making progress with pushing the pace a bit. Others I'm just getting totally stymied and lose a bit of confidence. Need to learn from that and remember just how fun this is. FUN.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Bestie is Back

Training has been going fairly well the past month. Consistent 3-4 days a week, ramping up to 6 days a week because my bestie is back on the mats. I'm loathe to give up the morning class, so doubling up on Mon & Wed. I felt a bit like a wreck on Thursday, but better on Friday.

I had great rolls on Monday and I felt competitive with Jason S. We had a real back and forth roll in which he submitted me but I was able to get and hold a dominant position after we reset. It's the first time in a really, really long time that I've been competitive with him. Wednesday morning was a different tale, as he pretty much wrecked me. I had Jason, Sol and Chaz back-to-back-to-back. Not much went my way for most of the day.

I finally decided to do Pans. It's a good motivator for losing the weight that I put on last year. I've been eating better (and less) since the beginning of January and have had a slow but steady progression of weight loss. I'd like to make it down to medium heavy, but I don't think that's going to happen. I don't want to compete against Nika (and only Nika) for the third year in a row, so I might go to adult. I'll probably get mauled, but at least I'll get mauled by someone new.

My mindset is pretty good so far. I'm not overly stressing about it, and really keeping the fact that jiu jitsu should be fun in the forefront of my mind. We'll see how that pans out. Get it? "Pans out"? I kill me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More Better

How does nearly a month pass that quickly?

I've been enjoying myself more at class in the past couple of weeks. Not sure exactly what should be attributed to the turnaround, but it is welcome. I feel like my rolling is better than it has for a little while. 

Today was an off day because not only did we do takedowns...but they were Kelly takedowns... and he used me was the uke... and I was drilling with Kasey... and I had a tough conditioning workout yesterday (power cleans + push press and burpees). All in all, I was pretty spent midway through the drills and had nothing left for the rolls. Which was perfect, because I rolled with Kasey, Jason S and Chuck. Just kill me. 

I asked James to give me a bit of advice for top half guard b/c people were fairly easily sweeping me from there. A simple detail of using your trapped leg to pinch down into them has helped tremendously. I'm not necessarily making good progress from that position. Sometimes I'm able to scoot over and finish a reverse half guard pass, but it's a huge improvement from being immediately swept. 

I switched up my Fundamentals class curriculum a bit and did a "paths to back" class last weekend. I didn't have quite as much prep into it as I would like, but I was still happy with how it turned out. Chair sit side to side to retain the back, chair sit from side-control if they turn away and arm-drag from closed guard. I was going to throw in a rolling back attack at the end but we didn't get that far.

Jason is pestering me near daily about Pans. I will probably cave.